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Resources for Software Vendors and Developers

Tax Year 2018 Announcements

Maryland Forms 

Maryland's 2018 Tax Form DRAFTS are available on the FTA State Exchange System (SES). If you have not already done so, take time to read through Administrative Release 26. To reproduce Maryland Tax Forms complete and submit the Letter of Intent (LOI) available on the SES. 

The Sales and Use Tax coupons from July through September 2019 will have the routine year and interest rate updates. However, beginning with the October 2019 coupon, there will be forms changes as a result of the Maryland General Assembly's adoption of House Bill 1301 (Acts of 2019) entitled Taxation of Online Sales ‑ Marketplace Facilitators and Sellers of Other Tobacco Products. The bill is cross-filed with Senate Bill 728 (Acts of 2019). The bill is available to read online at, The coupons for July through September 2019 will be posted on SES as soon as they are finalized.

What's New for 2018!

New forms:

  • Form PV, Personal Tax Payment Voucher - this payment voucher is replacing Form IND PV. Form PV must be used to remit payments made by check or money order for Forms 502, 505, Estimated and Extension payments.
  • 504NBD, Nonresident Benefiicary Deduction Summary Sheet - Form 504NBD must be used if there is an entry on line 7 of Form 504.

Discontinued Forms

  • IND PV, Payment Voucher
  • 502D, Personal Declaration of Estimated Income Tax*
  • 502E, Application for Extension to File Personal Income Tax Return

    *Note: Form 502DEP, Personal Declaration of Estimated Income Tax has NOT been discontinued

Forms Review:

  • The Forms are available on the SES
  • We are no longer using the Vendor Contact Sheet, complete the LOI on the SES.
  • The footer of each form must contain the vendor's creation/revision date.
  • The subject line of ALL emails must contain your Maryland Vendor number and the form number(s) you are inquiring about.
Other Important Information for Software Vendors

Please see the list of approved eFile software vendors for individuals and businesses

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