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2017 and 2018 Tax Forms - Final Versions

Note: These forms are NOT for public use; these forms are for Software Vendor use ONLY. The final forms will be available to the public in mid-December for free online.

Please refer to the following Specifications for placement of Registration Mark on Maryland Form:

Instruction Booklets

Forms in the instruction booklets are for information purposes only.

Booklet Final Date Description
Resident   Maryland State and Local Tax Form Instructions for full and part-year residents
Nonresident   Maryland Tax Form Instructions for Nonresidents
Fiduciary   Maryland Income Tax Form Instructions for Fiduciaries
Pass-through Entity   Maryland Income Tax Form Instructions for Pass-Through Entities
Corporation   Maryland Income Tax Form Instructions for Corporations

Personal and Fiduciary Tax Forms
Form Grid Package Final Date Description
502   Maryland Individual Income Tax Return (Resident Individual long form)
502AC   Maryland Subtraction for Contribution of Artwork
502AE   Maryland Subtraction for Income Derived within an Arts and Entertainment District
502B   Maryland Dependents Information Form
502CR   Personal Income Tax Credits and Instructions for Individuals
502D 2018   Maryland Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
502E   Maryland Application for Extension to File Individual Income Tax Return
502INJ   Injured Spouse Claim Form
502R   Retirement Income
502S   Maryland Sustainable Communities Tax Credit
502SU   Maryland Subtractions from Income Form
502TP   Computation of Tax Preference Income Modification
502UP   Underpayment of Estimated Maryland Income Tax by Individuals
502V   Maryland Use of Vehicle for Charitable Purposes
502X   Amended Maryland Income Tax Return and Instructions (Resident Individual)
504   Maryland Fiduciary Income Tax Return
504 Sch A   Fiduciary Income Tax Return Schedule A
504CR   Business Income Tax Credits for Fiduciaries (instructions included)
504D 2018   Fiduciary Declaration of Estimated Tax
504E   Application for Extension to File Fiduciary Tax Return
504K-1   Fiduciary Modified Schedule K-1 Beneficiary's Information
504NR   Fiduciary Computation of the Maryland Modification for a Nonresident Fiduciary
504UP   Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Fiduciaries
505   Maryland Nonresident Income Tax Return
505NR   Nonresident Income Tax Calculation
505SU   Maryland Nonresident Subtractions from Income



Maryland Nonresident Amended Tax Return and Instructions



Nonresidents Employed in Maryland Who Reside in Jurisdictions Imposing a Local Income or Earnings Tax



Direct Deposit of Refund to More Than One Account




Maryland Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing

Business Tax Forms


Grid Package

Final Date




Maryland Corporation Income Tax Return

500CR -   Maryland Business Income Tax Credits (instructions included)

500D 2018


Maryland Declaration of Corporation Estimated Income Tax



Maryland Decoupling Modification



Application for Extension to File a Corporation Income Tax Return



Underpayment of Tax by a Corporation or Pass-through Entity



Amended Corporation Income Tax Return and Instructions



Maryland Pass-through Entity Income Tax Return



Maryland Composite Pass-through Entity Income Tax Return

510D 2018


Pass-through Entity Declaration of Estimated Tax



Application for Extension to File a Pass-through Entity Income Tax Return



Pass-through Entity Members' Information

CRA (2018)


Combined Registration Application



Declaration for Business Electronic Filing



Income Tax Payment Voucher for Business Electronic Filers

MW508 2017


Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation Return

MW508 2018   Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation Return

MW508CR 2017


Business Income Tax Credits (For nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations only)

MW508CR 2018   Business Income Tax Credits (For nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations only)

Miscellaneous Forms


Final Date


MW506A 2018   Maryland Employer Return of Income Tax Withheld
MW506AE 2018   Application for Certificate of Full or Partial Exemption
MW506FR 2018   Maryland Employer Withholding Final Return
MW506NRS 2018   Maryland Return of Income Tax Withholding for Nonresident Sale of Real Property
MW506R   Application for Tentative Refund of Withholding of Sales of Real Property by Nonresidents
MW507 2018   Employee's Maryland Withholding Exemption Certificate
MW507M 2018   Exemption from Maryland Withholding Tax for Qualified Civilian Spouse of a U.S. Armed Forces Servicemember
MW507P 2018   Maryland Income Tax Withholding for Annunity, Sick Pay and Retirement Distributions
MW508A 2018   Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation Report
MW508NRS 2018   Maryland Monthly Reconciliation Return for Sales of Real Property By Nonresidents



Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfers

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