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Approved Software Vendors for Maryland Substitute Paper Tax Forms

To avoid delays in processing, it's important that you use an officially approved state tax form.

The chart lists software vendors, the Maryland ID and the forms for which they are approved for the current tax year. Please be aware that vendors may charge a fee for use of their product.

Officially approved forms include a special barcode or a number in the lower left corner of the form, showing the two-digit year the form was approved and a two-digit vendor identification number.

Where indicated are those vendors who use 2D barcode technology on their forms for faster and more accurate processing. The other approved vendors do not currently use 2D barcode technology.


Individuals who, for a fee, prepare federal and state tax returns for Marylanders are required to be registered by the Board. An individual must obtain this registration before soliciting or preparing tax returns.

                     To register visit:

                        The following are exempt from the registration requirements:

        • Actively licensed certified public accountants;
        • IRS enrolled agents;
        • Attorneys in good standing; and
        • Employees of state, local and federal government employees who perform tax return services in accordance with their official duties.


Approved Vendors for 2018 Substitute Paper Tax Forms - Individual & Fiduciary

Approved Vendors for 2018 Substitute Paper Tax Forms - Business & Withholding

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