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2D Barcode Specifications

The links listed below will contain the final 2D barcode specifications for tax years 2017 and 2018 forms and are arranged by Maryland form number. Since we prefer the 2D barcode method for computer preparation of paper returns, vendors providing 2D barcodes will be designated as preferred software vendors for tax professionals.

For more instructions about 2D barcode processing, see Administrative Release 26.

Tax Year 2018 Specifications
Form Final Date Description
500D 10/23/17 Maryland Declaration of Corporation Estimated Income Tax
502D 10/23/17 Maryland Declaration of Estimated Income Tax (Resident Individuals)
504D 10/23/17 Fiduciary Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
510D 10/23/17 Maryland Declaration of Pass-Through Entity Estimated Income Tax


Tax Year 2017 Specifications
Form Final Date Description
500 10/23/17 Maryland Corporation Income Tax Return
500E 10/23/17 Application for Extension to File a Corporation Income Tax Return
502 12/04/17 Maryland Individual Income Tax Return
502B 10/23/17 Maryland Dependents Information Form
502CR 10/23/17 Personal Income Tax Credits and Instructions for Individuals
502E 04/02/18 Maryland Application for Extension to File Individual Income Tax Return
504 10/23/17 Maryland Fiduciary Income Tax Return
504E 10/23/17 Application for Extension to File Fiduciary Income Tax Return
505 10/23/17 Maryland Nonresident Income Tax Return
510 10/23/17 Maryland Pass-Through Entity Income Tax Return
510C 10/23/17 Composite Pass-Through Entity Income Tax Return
510E 10/23/17 Application for Extension to File a Pass-through Entity Income Tax Return
515 10/23/17 Nonresidents Employed in Maryland Who Reside in Jurisdictions Imposing a Local Income or Earnings Tax
588 10/23/17 Direct Deposit of Refund to More Than One Account
IND PV 10/23/17 Maryland Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher


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