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Inspection Program

The Inspection Program is comprised of Enforcement Agents and Compliance Inspectors who work as a team in their efforts to enforce and regulate the revenue laws involving alcoholic beverages, motor fuels, tobacco products, transient vendors and vendors at flea markets and other venues. Samples of the various grades of motor fuels sold in the state are collected daily to assure their compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as to assure that applicable taxes have been paid. Any substandard product is removed from the marketplace until the problem is corrected.

The transportation and storage of motor fuels is constantly monitored to verify that regulations governing pricing, labeling and registration are being followed. Investigations are conducted to identify and locate unlicensed fuel sellers, unregistered IFTA motor carriers and users who illegally use untaxed dyed fuel in highway vehicles.

Licensed alcoholic beverage retailers are likewise inspected to confirm their compliance with related laws, including efforts to defraud customers by altering the contents of more expensive beverages with less expensive brands while selling these products at the higher price. Investigations of unlicensed sellers are conducted across the state, resulting in arrests and confiscations of illegally sold items.

The sale of tobacco products are also monitored, with inspections of licensed establishments, as well as investigations of unlicensed sellers which result in arrest and confiscation of the items sold illegally (either without a license, or involving contraband untaxed cigarettes).

In addition, as mentioned, the agents and inspectors constantly look for unlicensed Transient Vendors, such as those selling furniture along our roadsides without licenses and not collecting related taxes, as well as vendors at sporting events and at flea markets who likewise do not possess the proper licenses and do not collect or remit related taxes.

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