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Tobacco Tax Administrative Releases

Number Title
TT-1 Cigarette Sales Below Cost Act - Meeting "Cash and Carry" Competition
TT-2 Cigarette Tax Securities
TT-3 Requirements for Renewal of License
TT-4 Promotional Allowances and Cigarette "Buydowns"
TT-5 Cigarette Sales Below Cost Act - Minimum Price Markups/Internet Price Calculator
TT-6 Maryland Cigarette Sales Below Cost Act Minimum Price Calculation
TT-7 Requiring Remittance of Tobacco Taxes in Excess of $10,000 by Immediately Available Funds.
TT-8 Cigarette Tax Assessments
TT-9 Clove Cigarettes
TT-10 Registration Requirement for Certain Retailers of Other Tobacco Products
TT-11 Retail Cigarette License Renewals
TT-12 Fire Safety Performance Standard for Cigarettes
TT-13 Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Retailers Frequently Asked Questions

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Tobacco Tax Releases
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