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Administrative Releases: Personal, Estate and Corporate Income Tax

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Release # Title Revision/Effective Date
1 Military Personnel and Civilian Spouses - Both Residents and Nonresidents of Maryland Revised: 9/2011
2 Interstate Commerce Tax Act. Domestic and Foreign Corporations. Nexus Requirements. Apportionment of Corporate Net Income Revised: 9/2009
3  Nonresident Credits, Reciprocal Income Tax Agreements, Nonresident County Income Tax, and Nonresident with Maryland Resident Spouse Revised: 9/2011
4 Extension of Time for Filing Maryland Income Tax Returns and Estate Tax Returns Revised: 9/2011
5 Mutual Fund Distributions of Tax-Exempt Interest and Capital Gains from State and Local Obligations Revised: 9/2009
6 Taxation of Pass-Through Entities Having Nonresident Members Revised: 9/2012
7 Some Aspects of the Subtraction Modification for Volunteer Travel Expenses Under Section 10-208 of the Tax-General Article. See Form 502V Revised: 9/2009
8 Treatment of Partner's Share of Income, Gain or Loss, from a Partnership When the Individual Partner Establishes or Abandons Maryland Residence Revised: 9/2008
9 Portion of Subpart F Income which may be subtracted from Corporation Taxable Income Effective: 9/2009
10 Maryland Taxation of Income from "Ginnie Maes" Effective: 9/2009
11 Income from Regulated Investment Companies which Invest in U.S. Government Obligations and Income from Repurchase Agreement Transactions Revised: 9/2009
12 Apportionment of Partnership Share of Income by Corporate Partners Revised: 9/2008
13 Tax Status of Interest Received from Federal, State and Local Obligations Revised: 8/2012
14 Interest Rates for Refunds and Delinquent Taxes Revised: 8/2012
15 Information Reporting on Sales of Real Estate Located in Maryland and Owned by Nonresidents Revised: 09/2007
16 Fiduciaries, Including Estates and Trusts Revised: 9/2011
17 Rescinded Rescinded: 12/31/2001
18 Net Operating Losses and Associated Maryland Addition and Subtraction Modifications Revised: 07/2013
19 Rescinded Rescinded: 08/31/2005
20 Income Tax Refunds and Credits: Limitations Revised: 9/2009
21 Income Tax Treatment of Employee Contributions under the Maryland Pension Pickup Program Revised: 9/2010
22 Apportionment of Income - Airlines Effective: 9/2009
23 Military Retirement Income Revised: 9/2009
24 Nonresident Professional Athletes and Entertainers Revised: 9/2008
25 Income Tax Treatment of Limited Liability Companies Revised: 9/2012
26 Procedures for Computer-Printed Substitute Forms Revised: 01/2017
27 Work, Not Welfare, Tax Incentive Act of 1995 with 1996, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Amendments (Employment Opportunity Credit) Revised: 9/2012
28 Rescinded Rescinded: 08/31/2005
29 Subtraction Modification for Volunteer Fire, Rescue or Emergency Medical Services Personnel Revised: 6/2011
30 Maryland Estate Tax Revised: 05/2013
31 Subtraction Modification for Police Auxiliary or Reserve Volunteers Revised: 9/2009
32 Maryland College Savings Plans Tax Benefits Revised: 01/2010
33 Tax Credits for Hiring Individuals with Disabilities Revised: 8/2012
34 Credit against Withholding Taxes for Tax-exempt Organizations Revised: 9/2010
35 Subtraction Modification for United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Members Revised: 9/2009
36 Tax Credit for Cost of Providing Commuter Benefits to Employees and the Commuter Benefits Act of 2000 and 2002 Revised: 9/2009
37 Domicile and Residency Effective: 9/2009
38 Decoupling from Federal Income Tax Laws Revised: 9/2010
39 Long-Term Employment of Qualified Ex-Felons Tax Credit Revised: 8/2012
40 Claim of Right Effective: 9/30/2006
41 Withholding on Designated Distributions from Retirement Plans Revised: 8/2012
42 502CR Part A - Claiming Credit for State and Local Taxes Paid to Other States Revised: 3/2019

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