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Tobacco Tax Forms

The forms below are in the Adobe PDF format (Portable Document Format). You must have version 6.0 or higher of the Adobe Reader program to view and print these forms. Adobe Reader is available free online. These forms also have been formatted with a fill-in feature that allows you to type information into them on your computer and then print out a paper copy. If you are having problems viewing PDF files, or would like additional information about the fill-in feature, please view our special instructions.

All forms have fill-in feature unless noted by an asterisk *

Form Number Description
027T Cigarette Storage Warehouse Report*
027-1T Cigarette Storage Warehouse Report - Acquisitions
027-2T Cigarette Storage Warehouse Report - Dispositions
302 Manufacturer - Certify Fire Safe Cigarettes*
302-1 Manufacturer - Addendum - Fire Safe Cigarettes*
601 Wholesaler's Affidavit for Refund of Stamps
602 Maryland Cigarette Tax - Physical Inventory Schedule
603 Wholesaler's Claim for Credit - Cigarette Tax Stamps
605-A Schedule A - Cigarette Packs Received From Manufacturers
605-B Schedule B - Cigarettes Received From Other Sources
605-C Schedule C - Cigarette Packs Sold (outside MD retail; to military; or to others authorized to buy for out-of-state retail)
605-D Schedule D - Cigarettes Returned For Credit To Manufacturers
605-E Schedule E - Miscellaneous Dispositions
605-F Schedule F - Out-of-State Stamp Purchases
608 Maryland Cigarette Wholesaler Monthly Report of Cigarette Packs and Cigarette Tax Stamps
608-1 Distributor's Monthly Report of Cigarette Packs and Cigarette Tax Stamps
608-2 Maryland Cigarette Stamp Purchases and Payments
608-3 Wholesaler's Tobacco Product Manufacturer Report
608-4 Recapitulation of Wholesaler's Sales of Maryland Stamped Cigarettes
622 Cigarette Bond
623 Maryland Cigarette Tax Stamp Request
634 Manufacturer's Monthly Sample Cigarette Tax Return
637 Application for Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Licenses
  Checklist for Cigarette and OTP License Application
643 Cigarette Wholesale Cost of Doing Business
C5 Signature Card - Cigarette Tax Stamps
Other Tobacco Products (OTP)
Form Number Description
608-3 Wholesaler's Tobacco Product Manufacturer Report
609 Wholesaler Tax Return
609A Schedule A - Roll-Your-Own (RYO) Tobacco
609R OTP Claim of Refund Form for Wholesalers, Retailers, and Tobacconists
610 Maryland OTP Tax Return
610A Schedule A - Roll-Your-Own (RYO) Tobacco
610C Schedule C - OTP Tax Credit for Out of State Sales
610F OTP Floor Tax Return for Retailers and Tobacconists
610R OTP Floor Tax Claim for Refund
611 OTP Manufacturer Report*
612 OTP Storage Warehouse Report*
612-1 OTP Storage Warehouse Report - Acquisitions
612-2 OTP Storage Warehouse Report - Dispositions*
620 Maryland Consumer Premium Cigar Tax Return
637 Application for Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Licenses
722 Other Tobacco Products (OTP) Bond
723 Electronic Smoking Devices License Application
  Electronic Smoking Devices (ESD) Manufacturer-Wholesaler FAQs
Electronic Smoking Devices (ESD) Retailer FAQs


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