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Motor Fuel Tax Forms

The forms contained in these pages are in the Adobe .PDF format (Portable Document Format). You must have version 6.0 or higher of the Adobe Reader program to view and print these forms. Adobe Reader is available for free online. Some of these forms also have been formatted with a fill-in feature that allows you to type information into them on your computer and then print out a paper copy. If you are having problems viewing Adobe .PDF files, please view our special instructions.

If you need a form that is not included in the list, please contact us.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

*IFTA-related forms may be requested at, or by calling Taxpayer Service at 410-260-7980, or 1-800-638-2937.

Form Description
IFTA 100* IFTA Quarterly Fuel Use Tax Return (Sample)
IFTA 100V* IFTA Payment Voucher and Instructions
IFTA 101* IFTA Quarterly Fuel Use Tax Schedule (Sample)
IFTA 101-I* Instructions for Form IFTA 101
COM/MFT 104 IFTA License Application
IFTA 105* IFTA Final Fuel Use Tax Rate
COM/MFT 110* IFTA Tax Assessment Statement of Account
Individual Vehicle Mileage Report - IFTA Vehicles Only
Report Mailing Instructions
Motor Fuel Tax
Form Description
775 Petroleum Transporter Report - Movement of Petroleum Products
776 Annual Special Fuel User Worksheet
776-1 Special Fuel User Worksheet
776-2 Dealer/Seller Worksheet
779 CPI/SUTE Inventory - Tax Adjustment
779 Archive Inventory- Tax Adjustment Form Archives
771 (replaces MFT-015) Special Fuel User Schedule of Receipts
772 (replaces MFT-016) Special Fuel User Schedule of Disbursements
MFT-023 Application for Motor Fuel Inspection Registration
MFT-044 Application for Petroleum Transporter Registration
MFT-046 Application for Motor Fuel License
MFT-047 Application for Special Fuel Tax Exemption Certificate
768A (replaces MFT-048) Aviation Gas/Jet Fuel Schedule of Receipts
768D (replaces MFT-048) Dealer Gasoline Schedule of Receipts
768S (replaces MFT-048) Seller Special Fuel Schedule of Receipts
769A (replaces MFT-049) Aviation Gas/Jet Fuel Schedule of Disbursements
769D (replaces MFT-049) Dealer Gasoline Schedule of Disbursements
769S (replaces MFT-049) Seller Special Fuel Schedule of Disbursements
MFT-105 Application for Wholesale Purchaser/Consumer Motor Fuel Inspection and Testing
FED-305 Application for Registration of Terminal Agreement and Additives
FED-306 Application for Registration of Exchange Agreement, Specifications and Additives
FED-402 Below Cost Selling of Motor Fuel Complaint Form
GTD-1 Dealer State Codes for MFT Form GTD-1

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