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FAQ: Direct Debit

When you sign the direct debit authorization document, you agree to have a predetermined amount deducted from your checking account on approximately the same day or days each month until your debt is cleared. The money will be transferred to the state of Maryland.  

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning direct debit.



Links for Direct Debit FAQs
Payment Methods
Direct Debit Program
Direct Debit FAQs
  4 - What happens if there are not enough funds in my bank account?
  8 - What happens if my tax payment due date falls on a weekend or on a bank holiday?
  10 - Where should I report name and address changes?
  3 - What happens if I move my business or change its name?
  7 - What if I change banks?
  2 - Will the State be authorized to debit my account for any other amounts or liabilities during the payment period I've agreed to?
  1 - Can I pay the balance in a lump sum midway through the payment plan?
  9 - Is there anything I have to do each month to make this work?
  5 - Will I receive a notice prior to each debit payment?
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