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Direct Debit Program

You don't have to write another check to pay your taxes, if you don't want to. With the State of Maryland direct debit program you don't have to worry about late penalties and interest charges or mailing off a check for your tax payment.

When you sign the direct debit authorization document you agree to have a predetermined amount deducted from your checking account on approximately the same day each month. If making smaller, more frequent payments is convenient for you, direct debit payments can be arranged to occur on the 1st, 10th and 21st day of each month or any combination of these days.

The debits stop automatically after all taxes, penalties and interest have been paid. The money will be transferred to the State of Maryland with no additional service charge. We can even arrange for separate debits for each type of eligible tax. Direct Debit can be used to pay sales and use, admissions and amusement, and withholding taxes as well as the tire-recycling fee.

You will receive a regular statement of account that shows the direct debit payment along with any other account activity for each tax for which you are making debit payments.

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