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Frequently Asked Questions About Income Tax

20. Why did I receive an assessment stating I owe Maryland tax, but I never lived in Maryland?

The IRS has provided the Comptroller's Office information indicating that you filed a federal return with a Maryland address but no Maryland return for the same year or that you had income from a Maryland source but did not file a Maryland return reporting this income. Please call the Compliance Programs Unit at 410-767-1966 in Central Maryland or 1-800-648-9638 from elsewhere, if you have questions about a notice or assessment for Maryland tax you have received. You may also send them a fax at 410-767-1924.

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Income Tax FAQs
  q1 - Do I have to file a Maryland income tax return?
  q2 - How can I file electronically?
  q3 - Is there a tax break for two-income families?
  q4 - What if I live in Maryland but commute to work in Delaware?
  q5 - What if I made a mistake on my return. How do I correct it?
  q6 - Does Maryland offer a tax break for child care expenses?
  q7 - What if I live in Maryland and work in Washington, D.C.?
  q8 - Can I put the full amount of the earned income credit from my federal return on Form 502 or Form 505?
  q9 - I am retired from the federal government. Can I have state tax withheld from my pension?
  q10 - What is the local income tax?
  q11 - Does Maryland have any tax checkoffs?
  q12 - Why didn't I get credit for taxes I paid to another state?
  q13 - I am a part-year resident of Maryland and I want to use another method for allocating my itemized deductions. What do I do?
  q14 - Should I use the pre-printed address label on my Maryland tax return?
  q15 - How can I check on my income tax refund?
  q16 - Who should pay estimated taxes?
  q17 - When should I file my estimated tax?
  q18 - Can I pay my personal income tax liability with a credit card?
  q19 - How do I make a payment arrangement?
  q20 - Why did I receive an assessment stating I owe Maryland tax, but I never lived in Maryland?
  q21 - Who is considered a nonresident for Maryland tax purposes?
  q22 - Is there a tax break for contributions I make to College Savings Plans of Maryland?
  q23 - I received a 1099G form recently. What is this form all about?
  q24 - Why do I have to pay a fee when using my credit card to pay my taxes?
  q25 - How can I get a copy of my Maryland tax return?
  q26 - How can I change my tax return after I've already filed?
  q27 - How can I establish power of attorney for state tax purposes?
  q28 - Do I have to add back on my Maryland return the contributions that I make to a flexible spending account that I set up with my employer for medical expenses?
  q29 - Can same-sex couples who are legally married in another state file a joint return tax return in Maryland?
  q30 - Who may claim the law enforcement subtraction modification?
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