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Extensions and Amendments

Follow the instructions on Form 502E to request an automatic extension on filing your 2014 return. Filing this form extends the time to file your return, but does not extend the time to pay your taxes. Payment of the expected tax due is required with Form 502E by April 15, 2015. You can file and pay by credit card or electronic funds withdrawal (direct debit) on our Web site. If no tax is due and you requested a federal extension, you do not need to file Form 502E or take any other action to obtain an automatic six month extension. If no tax is due and you did not request a federal extension, file your Maryland state extension online or by phone at 410-260-7829. Only submit Form 502E if there is tax due.

Maryland allows the same six-month extension for filing and paying personal income taxes for military and support personnel serving in a designated combat zone or qualified hazardous duty area and their spouses as allowed by the IRS. For more detailed information visit If you are affected by the extension, enter 912 in one of the code number boxes to the right of the telephone number area.

You must file an amended return to make certain changes to your original return. These include changes in income, filing status, amount of deductions, the number of exemptions, and the amount of additions and subtractions to income. Note: Changes made as part of an amended return are subject to audit for up to three years from the date the amended return is filed. Use Form 502X to file an amended return and include a copy of your federal return. For more information on filing an amended return please see Instruction 28 in the Maryland resident tax booklet.

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