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Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit

As of June 1, 2010, the Sustainable Communities Tax Credit replaces the Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Credit.

A credit may be allowed for substantial expenditures incurred in a 24-month period to rehabilitate a certified heritage structure located in Maryland. The credit is available for owner-occupied residential property, as well as income-producing property. Credits may not be authorized after June 30, 2010.

How the credit is calculated:

The credit is 20% of the total expenditures incurred during the 24 month rehabilitation period. For the rehabilitation of commercial structures, the credit cannot be more than the maximum amount specified under the initial credit certificate, which is based on estimated expenditures. If the application was submitted to MHT before June 1, 2002, the credit based on actual expenditures can be up to $250,000 more than the amount shown on the initial credit certificate.

The credit is claimed in the year in which the rehabilitation is completed; however, it cannot be claimed until the Part 3 certification is approved.

For property certified before July 1, 2001, a business could have received a mortgage credit certificate. In lieu of taking the credit, the certificate may be transferred to the mortgage holder who may then take a credit against their income tax in an amount equal to the face value of the certificate.

For certifications received after June 30, 2001, the amount in excess of the state tax liability can be refunded.

Credits for tax years 2002 and later are limited to $3 million. For non-commercial properties, the credit is $50,000 per property for applications received by MHT after June 30, 2004.

The rehabilitation of a structure that received approval by the MHT on or before February 1, 2001, is subject to the provisions of the law in effect prior to the 2002 legislative changes.

The MHT will not accept applications for the approval of plans for commercial rehabilitations if a substantial part of the work has been completed if the applicant has already submitted three or more applications for a combined total of more than $500,000 in that year.

The total amount of credits approved by MHT for properties located in certain areas of the state during each fiscal year is subject to certain limitations.

A pro-rated percentage of the credit is subject to recapture if disqualifying work is performed during a five-year period, beginning with the year in which the certified rehabilitation was completed.


Maryland Historical Trust
100 Community Place
Crownsville, MD 21032-2023
Phone: 410-514-7628

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