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Other Collections Actions

If you refuse to make payment arrangements, or you fail to follow through on arrangements that you have made, the Comptroller's Office may file a lien against you, attach your assets, file an estimated assessment for taxes due in the unreported periods, place a hold on driverís or professional license or institute other legal processes.  For information about each enforcement action, follow the links below.


Collection Action

Annotated Code

Penalty and Interest






Rates 13-604

Liability Offset Program


Salary Lien


Property Lien/Lien in Judgment


External Collection Agency Referral


Attach Your Assets


Business & Professional License Hold 


Motor Vehicle License and Registration Non-renewal


Caught in the Web!


 Business Collections



Links for What Happens if I Dont Pay
Individual Tax Compliance
What Happens if I Dont Pay
  Motor Vehicle License and Registration Nonrenewal
  Penalty and Interest Charges
  Liability Offset Program
  Salary Lien
  External Collection Agency Referral
  Business and Professional License Hold
  File a Tax Lien
  Attach Your Assets
  Caught in the Web
  Other Collections Actions
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