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Corporate Reporting

General Information

The Maryland General Assembly has imposed reporting requirements for certain manufacturers and corporations that are part of a unitary group, as set forth in Section 10 of the Tax Reform Act (Chapter 3, Acts of 2007, Special Session), and amended by the Corporate Income Tax - Reporting & Study (Chapters 177 & 178, Acts of 2008), in order to provide the new Maryland Business Tax Reform Commission with the necessary information to review and evaluate the state's current business tax structure and make specific recommendations for changes.

The reporting requirements apply to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2005. The reports are only required through tax year 2010. The links below will redirect you to a page containing more specific information as well as a link to the reporting system.

Corporate Reporting Requirements

Changes to Reporting Requirements

There has been a significant change in the information necessary to complete your 2008, 2009, and 2010 reports. There is no longer a page to provide the corporate group's adjusted apportionment numerators and denominators (i.e., factors after adjustments for inter-company transactions or elimination's). Instead, each corporate group is required to enter the data for each separate entity in the group, adjusted to eliminate the effect of intercompany transactions. There is no need to supply the actual intercompany transactions or any pre-elimination data.

XML File Upload Function

In order to simplify the reporting process and ensure that the proper information is provided, the Comptroller's office has published the XML schema necessary to facilitate software development (found below). The schema includes all of the information necessary for a software developer to design a system that creates a XML file that can then be uploaded to the reporting system. A handbook (found below), contains information vital to the development of a XML file upload.

2008 XML schema 2008 XML handbook
2009 XML schema 2009 XML handbook
2010 XML schema 2010 XML handbook

Please direct any questions regarding the XML filing option to

Amending Reports

Corporate information reports may need to be amended for accuracy or to reflect changes to an entity or entities within the group. Reports must be amended within 60 days after an entity within the group files an amended tax return or an entity's tax liability changes as the result of an audit adjustment, final determination by the Comptroller, or a decision by a court of law.

Submitted reports for tax years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 (if already submitted) can be amended. To amend your report, log into the system as usual. If your report has been submitted, an option to amend the report will appear, which you should click on. A dialog box will report "An amended report was successfully created, click edit to continue" (note that this may take several seconds to complete, particularly if your original report has a large number of entities). After clearing the dialog box, you are returned to the home page. From there, you may edit the report by selecting the tax year being amended. Clicking "View All Entities" will allow you to proceed directly to the section of the report you must amend. When you have completed making your changes, submit the report as usual.

Manufacturer's Reporting

Multistate Manufacturer's Reporting

A manufacturing corporation which has more than 25 employees and apportions its income under the single sales factor needs to file an information report with the Comptroller of Maryland as required by Comar regulation For additional information, click on the above Multistate Manufacturer's Reporting.

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