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Micro Market License

Effective October 1st, 2018.  A person must have a micro market license to operate one or more micro markets in the State.

The owner or operator of a micro market may not be required to have a person in charge present during the marketís hours of operation if the micro market meets the following requirements Ė

  • Food sold at a micro market must (1) be commercially prepackaged food or ready-to-eat food; (2) be prepackaged in tamper-evident packaging; and (3) contain specified nutritional and related information on the packaging label that complies with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; a freshness or expiration date; and any other information required under the Maryland Health Code as required by the Maryland Department of Health.
  • Refrigerated or frozen food sold at a micro market must be stored and displayed in a refrigerator, refrigerated cooler, or freezer that meets specified requirements, including self-closing doors and an automated self-locking feature and the specifications as defined by the Micro Market law found below.
  • The owner or operator of a micro market must post a sign that is clearly visible to the consumer near the micro market entryway or while using the electronic payment device that includes specified contact information for the owner or operator.
  • The owner or operator of a micro market may secure the product and premises of a micro market using 24-7 surveillance that record at sufficient resolution to identify consumers using the micro market. The video recording must be maintained by the owner for 14 days and must be made available for inspection upon the request of the Comptroller, another regulatory agency, or law enforcement agency within 24 hours.
  • A copy of the license, once produced by the Clerk, must be hung in each Micro Market location.
Comptrollerís Micro Market Information Form

An applicant must provide the Clerk of the Circuit Court a $50 fee and a form required by the Comptroller that includes the address of each micro market to be operated by the applicant. Failure to obtain a Micro market license may result in criminal penalties or a fine not to exceed $5,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or both.

All required information must be completed before issuance of the business license can occur. The Control Number will be provided by the Clerk of the Circuit Court when the applicant applies for the business license. The CR Number will be provided to the applicant after registering with the Comptrollerís Office. If you register online, you will receive a confirmation number. This confirmation number is not the CR number. The CR number will be mailed out several business days after registration.

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