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Petroleum Transporter Registration

The purpose of the Petroleum Transporter Registration is to account for motor fuels being transported into, out of, or within Maryland. The Petroleum Transporter Registration is mandatory for persons transporting more than 1,749 gallons of motor fuel, including natural gas and propane, by highway vehicle, railroad, pipeline and waterborne vessels. Petroleum Transporters report to the Comptroller of Maryland monthly. This process is necessary for tax revenue purposes and also assists with the full implementation of Maryland's Motor Fuel Inspection Program for quality control of motor fuels. These programs help to ensure that consumers use fuels that meet state and federal fuel quality requirements.


PRE-APPROVAL: A single page application form is submitted to the Comptroller of Maryland. Persons using highway vehicles to transport motor fuels must also state the number of vehicles being used.

POST-APPROVAL: Common Carriers and Contract Carriers submit monthly reports of Maryland fuel movements. A Common Carrier is a carrier required by law to convey passengers or freight without refusal if the approved fare or charge is paid. A Contract Carrier is a carrier that furnishes transportation services to meet the special needs of shippers who cannot be adequately served by Common Carriers. Maryland licensed Gasoline Dealers, Special Fuel Sellers and Special Fuel Users who also operate petroleum transporter vehicles, are generally exempt from the filing of monthly petroleum transporter reports. Special fuel is any fuel other than gasoline, which can be used in motor vehicles.

OTHER APPROVALS: Persons using highway vehicles for transporting motor fuels interstate also require IFTA credentials if the registered or combined weight of a two-axle vehicle and load exceed 26,000 pounds or if the vehicle has three axles, regardless of weight. Persons using vehicles for delivery of fuels sold or transferred by the gallon also require registration and are subject to calibration testing by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Other certifications also apply to vehicles used in transporting petroleum products as well as the drivers of the vehicles. These are extensive and are covered under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 49 CFR Parts 390-399. Maryland adopted all of the federal requirements and they are enforceable under Section 25-111 of the State Transportation Article. For more information, contact the Motor Carrier Division of the State Highway Administration at 1-800-543-4564. Assistance may also be obtained from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division of the Maryland State Police at 410-974-2042.

Application Process

  1. An applicant submits an application form, along with a copy of an Internal Revenue Service form pre-printed with the applicant's name and federal employer identification number.
  2. After review and approval, an account number is assigned.
  3. Vehicle registration letter is mailed to applicant.

Processing Time

The average time for processing is three days.


There is no fee.

Loading Tickets, Bills of Lading and Display Items

Under federal and state mandates, operators of petroleum transporter vehicles must carry current loading tickets and bills of lading, which show source, destination, and types of motor fuels being transported. The name of the petroleum transporter, as registered with the Comptroller of Maryland, is required to be displayed on both sides or the rear of the tank or cargo portion of the vehicle.


An applicant may file a written request for a hearing with the Comptroller of Maryland before any final action on the denial, revocation, or suspension of a registration.


FEDERAL: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, 49 CFR Parts 390-399
STATE: Business Regulations Article Title 10, Subtitle 4; COMAR 03.03.03

Fuel Tax Assistance

For more information about fuel tax licensing and registration requirements, contact the Licensing and Registration Unit at 410-260-7216 from Central Maryland or 1-800-638-2937 from elsewhere in Maryland. FAX: 410-974-3129.  E-mail:

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