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Filing Withholding Reports

Existing accounts

You have two options to file your employer withholding reports: you can file electronically, or you can file using pre-printed coupons in a coupon book that we send to you, which contains your Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld (Form MW506). If you use the preprinted MW506 coupons to file, please return your reports in the window envelope that we send to you. Be sure that our mailing address is showing through the window.

You must file your withholding reports according to the schedule dictated for your business by our filing categories. If you have a new account, you must file quarterly reports. Your account will be reviewed at the end of the year to determine if your filing requirement needs to be changed.

If circumstances prevent you from using the coupon book and you choose not to file electronically, you may file your return by letter. Please include the following information in the letter:

  • Maryland Central Registration Number (CRN).
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • Business name, address and telephone number.
  • Amount of income tax withheld.
  • Dates covered by the return.

No tax due

If you do not owe tax, you are still required to file a return. In this case, you can file a zero report using our telefile service at 410-260-7225.

For additional information, see the links below.


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