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Business Income Tax

Filing and paying business taxes can be complicated. The Comptroller's Office is dedicated to making the process as simple and efficient as possible. This section contains all of the information, resources and tools business taxpayers will need to understand the tax. Follow the links below and at the bottom of each page of the section.

  • Learn about it! See the Tax Information  section for all of the details including special situations, tax regulations (alerts and bulletins) and tax rates.
  • File it!The Filing Information section has all the information and resources you need to file business tax, including registration information for new filers, related forms, filing instructions and due dates.
  • Pay it! See the Payment Information section regarding the different payment methods available. If you miss a payment or fail to file a return see the Compliance Information section for details on penalties and liability.
  • Get your refund! You may be eligible for a refund of paid business tax if you meet the requirements. See Refund Information section for details.
  • Employer Withholding. See the Withholding Information section for filing information, withholding tables and guides, and year-end reconciliations.
  • Get help! For additional assistance, review the Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Information links.

Business Tax Updates

  • Bulk Upload of W-2's Employers and payroll providers can log into bFile and upload a W-2 text file.
  • Form 510C - effective tax year 2011. Form 510C is used by PTEs to file a composite income tax return on behalf of nonresident individual members. Do not file a composite return using Form 505. See Administrative Release 6 for additional details.


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