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Resources for Software Vendors and Developers

Tax Year 2017 Announcements

Maryland Forms - FINAL!

Maryland's 2017 Tax Forms are FINAL. If you have not already done so, take time to read through Administrative Release 26 and the Maryland Form Approval Process for 2017; and complete and submit a 2017 Substitute Paper Vendor Contact Form

What’s New for 2017!

New forms: 

  • 504 Schedule A - now a separate form

Forms Review:

  • The Forms are available here and on the SES
  • The vendor contact sheet has been updated. The forms should be submitted in series (resident, nonresident, fiduciary and business). There will be separate reviewers for business and individual forms.
  • Forms are not required to be submitted in PDF format to be previewed, but it is recommended.
  • The footer of each form must contain the vendor's creation/revision date.
  • The subject line of ALL emails must contain your Maryland Vendor number and the form number(s) you are inquiring about.

Forms Changes:

  • Form 502R - added part 7
  • Interest rate changed to 11.5% annually or .9583% per month
  • There are new addition modifications, subtraction modifications, tax credits and business tax credits
Other Important Information for Software Vendors

Please see the list of approved eFile software vendors for individuals and businesses

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