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Forms Approval Instructions

Prior to submitting forms for approval, each software vendor wishing to reproduce Maryland income tax forms must,
           1) Thoroughly review,
                      a. Administrative Release 26 Procedures for Computer-Printed Substitute Forms
                      b. Maryland Forms Approval Process
           2) Complete and return the Software Vendor Contact Information Form
           3) Familiarize themselves with our vendor website

To obtain specifications for forms with scan lines, such as the sales and use form (Form 202), employer withholding coupons (MW506/MW506M), or the individual estimated income tax form (502DEP), please contact the substitute forms coordinator.

All forms requiring approval must be submitted by December 15th. Forms will not be accepted after January 31st. When submitting, use a brightly colored coversheet as the foremost page of your package. 


If using a courier service that requires a physical address, send forms to:

Melissa Haneke, Forms Manager
Revenue Administration Division
110 Carroll St., Room 208B
Annapolis, MD 21411

If using the U.S. Postal Service, mail to:

Melissa Haneke, Forms Manager
Revenue Administration Division
PO Box 1829
Annapolis, MD 21404-1829

For any questions concerning substitute forms, please contact us via email at MDSOFTWAREDEVELOPER@COMP.STATE.MD.US.


Revised 8/17

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