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How to Become an Approved eFile Provider

Electronic Return Originators (EROs), transmitters and software developers must be accepted by the IRS in order to file a valid Maryland tax return electronically. Maryland does not require a separate formal application to file tax returns electronically.

Transmitters and software developers must register with the IRS Modernized Electronic Filing System (MeF) to be able to retrieve state acknowledgments during the testing process and production processing.

State regulations require that paid preparers, who prepare individual Maryland income tax returns, register with the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. A valid Federal PTIN is the primary credential required for Maryland registration. Visit for more information on how to register, fees or exemptions. Phone : 410-767-3470

To file valid current year tax returns electronically, you must:

  • apply for acceptance by IRS and agree to follow all requirements and specifications of the Maryland electronic filing program; AND
  • obtain a valid IRS Electronic Filer Identification Number (EFIN). Without this number, all electronic transmissions will be rejected.

Once approval is granted by IRS, you will be issued an EFIN. As long as you have a valid EFIN and use software that is approved for Maryland's electronic filing program, you are eligible to file income tax returns electronically.

The Comptroller's Office reserves the right to revoke electronic filing privileges of any electronic filer who varies from these requirements, specifications, or who does not consistently transmit error-free returns.

For more information, see the Maryland eFile Handbooks for Individuals and Businesses.

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