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Maryland Motor Fuel Tax Bulletin

Publication 6-96
September 1996

Since you are based in the District of Columbia, Maryland will no longer issue you an interstate Motor Carrier Decal to operate in Maryland after December 1, 1996. You must then operate on valid International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) decals to legally operate in Maryland. Therefore, you must apply for an IFTA license and decals from a jurisdiction that is a member of IFTA. If your application for IFTA is not approved by any IFTA jurisdiction, you must purchase a 15-day temporary trip permits at $42.00 per 15-day period to legally operate in Maryland. The minimum fine for operating in Maryland without the proper motor carrier credentials is $215.00.

The telephone numbers for the five surrounding IFTA jurisdictions are listed below. You should contact them to determine if they will issue an IFTA license and decals to District of Columbia-based carriers, and what their specific requirements for you would be.

If you apply to Maryland for an IFTA license and decals, you may be required to post a surety bond as collateral for payment of taxes. IFTA licenses and decals will not be issued to any District of Columbia-based carriers at any of our field offices. Applications to Maryland will be accepted by mail only.


Delaware IFTA (302) 739-4538
Virginia IFTA (804) 367-0558
West Virginia (304) 558-3629
Maryland IFTA (410) 974-2215
Pennsylvania IFTA (717) 787-5355

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