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Maryland Motor Fuel Tax Bulletin

ASTM Lubricity Standards Testing Delayed In Maryland Until Late 2005

Publication 2-04

February 2004

Implementation of the new lubricity standard established by the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) in its modified ASTM D-975 specifications for diesel fuel has been delayed in Maryland until later this year when the necessary testing equipment becomes available.

Diesel fuel suppliers must still comply with ASTM standard

Even though Maryland is not currently conducting lubricity testing, diesel fuel suppliers should still comply with the new ASTM D-975 standard since diesel fuel sold in Maryland is required by law to meet all applicable standards. Keep in mind that lubricity additives cannot be shipped in fuel blends via pipelines. The additive may be introduced in Maryland by an automatic metering pump or injection system, either during fuel receipt into a bulk storage tank of a licensed special fuel seller or at the loading rack of the special fuel seller during the filling a delivery truck.

Proper lubricity required for new sulfur limit set for 2006

In the past, the inherent lubricant in diesel fuel had been sulfur. With the dawning of 'ultra-low sulfur' diesel fuel, engine manufacturers and the international technical community determined that a new lubricity standard was necessary. At today's typical sulfur content of around 370 parts per million (PPM), lubrication for injectors and fuel rails on diesel engines has not been a general problem. However, with the new EPA-mandated sulfur limit of 15 PPM, which will go into effect June 1, 2006 for all road diesel fuel, assurance of proper lubricity is required. For more information, contact Bob Crawford, assistant director of the Motor Fuel Tax Bureau, at 410-260-7566.

Distribution: All Licensed Special Fuel Sellers

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