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2007 - Legislative Session

The following bills, which impact motor fuel tax administration, were considered by the 2007 General Assembly.  You can check the status of the bills on the Maryland General Assembly Web site.


SB261 & HB 660 Biodiesel Renewable Fuel Act                                                                          
Senate Bill - Returned Passed; Effective 7/1/07; Chapter 540.
House Bill - Unfavorable Report                                                                                 
Requiring retail service station dealers to sell a specified percentage of biodiesel in diesel fuel on an annual basis under specified circumstances; providing for the increase in the percentage of biodiesel that must be sold in the State; requiring the Secretary of Agriculture to make specified determinations; requiring specified retail service station dealers to provide specified evidence; requiring the establishment of an Advisory Committee; and requiring the Advisory Committee to make an annual report.


HB 47 Motor Fuel Tax - Exemption for Biodiesel Fuel - Government Vehicles         
Unfavorable Report - Budget & Taxation
Exempting specified biodiesel fuel purchased for use in specified government vehicles from a specified percentage of the State motor fuel tax; requiring the Comptroller to adopt regulations; and terminating the Act in 3 years.

HB 259 & SB 80 Motor Fuel Tax - Refunds - Motor Fuel Used to Operate Vessels
House BillUnfavorableReportW&M                                                                                  
Senate Bill - Unfavorable Report - Budget&Taxation                                                       
Allowing a refund of motor fuel tax paid on motor fuel that is used to operate a vessel; etc.

HB 798 Business Regulation - Motor Fuel - Definition of Below Cost
No Action -   Economic Matters
Altering the definition of "below cost" within the context of the sale of motor fuel.

HB 821 Transportation -Tax Revenues                                                                       
No Action -   Ways & Means                                                                                  
Increasing the motor fuel tax rates for gasoline, special fuel, and clean-burning fuel by 10 cents per gallon and for aviation gasoline and turbine fuel by 3 cents per gallon; repealing the sales and use tax exemption for the sale of motor fuel that is subject to the motor fuel tax; altering a motor carrier tax rate to include a per gallon sales and use tax equivalent rate; providing for the prepayment of the sales and use tax for motor fuel by a person who is required to pay the motor fuel tax for that fuel; etc.

SB 140 - Queen Anne's County - Motor Fuel Tax - Exemption for   Biodiesel Fuel           
Unfavorable Report - Budget & Taxation                                                                       
Exempting biodiesel fuel purchased for use in Queen Anne's County government vehicles and school buses from the State motor fuel tax; and terminating the Act at the end of June 30, 2010.

SB 949 - Transportation Funding Act of 2007                                                                       
No Action - Budget & Taxation                                                                          
Increasing the motor fuel tax rates by 12 cents per gallon for motor fuel other than aviation fuel; providing for specified increases in the motor fuel tax rates for motor fuel other than aviation fuel under specified circumstances for specified periods based on the Comptroller's determinations as to the average wholesale price per gallon of motor fuel; etc.


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