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2006 - Legislative Session


SB 54 – State-Owned Vehicles – State Fleet Biodiesel Fuel Usage Act of 2006 (Sponsor:  Senator Giannetti)

This bill requires the state to ensure that, in fiscal year 2008 and in each subsequent year, at least 50 percent of vehicles using diesel fuel in the state vehicle fleet use a blend of fuel that is at least 5 percent biodiesel fuel.

Effective October 1, 2006; Chapter 425.

SB 113 – Motor Fuel Violations – Issuance of Citation by Police Officer (Sponsors:  Chairman, Judicial Proceedings Committee (Departmental - Comptroller)

This bill will authorize a police officer to charge a person with a violation of specified laws relating to motor fuels by issuing a written traffic citation containing specified information, etc.

Effective July 1, 2006; Chapter 114.

SB 120 – Motor Fuel – Gasoline Commingling by Brand or Grade – Prohibition (Sponsors: Chairman, Finance Committee (Departmental – Comptroller)

This legislation will prohibit a marina from commingling gasoline under specified circumstances.   It will also prohibit specified motor fuel sellers and transporters from commingling gasoline by brand or grade, etc.

Effective September 1, 2006; Chapter 236.

SB 285 – Maryland Transportation Authority – Gasoline Service Stations on Kennedy Highway– Establishment in Service Areas (Sponsored by:  Chairman, Finance Committee (Departmental – Transportation)

This bill alters a provision of law governing the establishment of gasoline stations at service areas on the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway, etc.

Effective October 1, 2006; Chapter 128.


HB 38 – Procurement – Diesel-Powered Non-road Vehicles – Fuel and Technology Requirements (Sponsor:  Delegate Hubbard)

This bill will require on or after April 1, 2007, that specified diesel-powered non-road vehicles be powered by ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.  It also requires that on or after October 1, 2007, specified diesel-powered non-road vehicles utilize the best available technology for reducing the emission of pollutants; providing for specified exceptions to the requirements to use ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and best available technology for reducing the emission of pollutants; etc.

Hearing Cancelled, No Action; House, Health & Government Operations

HB 127 – Business Regulation – Motor Fuel – Below Cost Sales (Sponsors:  Delegates Miller, Bates, Boteler, Cluster, Costa, Dwyer, Impallaria, Sossi, and Weldon)

This legislation repeals specified provisions of law that prohibit a retail service station dealer from selling motor fuel below cost.  It will repeal specified provisions of law that require the Comptroller, on receipt of a specified complaint, to conduct a specified investigation with a specified amount of time; repealing specified penalties.  It also repeals the exemption for motor fuel sold by a retail service station dealer from the provisions of the Sales Below Cost Act.

Unfavorable Report - House, Economic Matters

SB 50 - Motor Fuel Tax - Exemption for Biodiesel Fuel - Queen Anne's County
(Sponsor: Senator Pipkin)

This legislation will exempt biodiesel fuel purchased for use in Queen Anne's County government vehicles and school buses from the state motor fuel tax. This bill calls for the termination of this Act in three years.

Unfavorable Report - Senate, Budget and Taxation




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