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2011 Legislative Summary

The following links offer summaries of Maryland tax legislation that was passed during the 2011 session of the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Martin O'Malley. All references are to the Tax-General Article (TG), Annotated Code of Maryland, unless otherwise noted. For information about other tax legislation, visit the Maryland General Assembly's Web site.


Maryland Defense Force - Senate Bill 346 and House Bill 11C Chapters 221 and 222, Acts of 2011)

Teachers at State and Local Correctional Facilities for Adults and Juveniles - Senate Bill 494 (Chapter 490, Acts of 2011)

Maryland Film Production Employment Act - Senate Bill 672 (Chapter 516, Acts of 2011)

Qualifying Employees with Disabilities Sunset Extension - Senate Bill 830 (Chapter 558, Acts of 2011)

Qualified Distressed Counties - Senate Bill 891 (Chapter 330, Acts of 2011)

Maryland Clean Energy Incentive Act - Qualified Energy Resources - Senate Bill 958 (Chapter 565,Acts of 2011)

Bio-Heating Oil - Senate Bill 959 (Chapter 566, Acts of 2011)

Budget Reconciliation Financing Act of 2011 - House Bill 72 (Chapter 397, Acts of 2011)

Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment - House Bill 163 (Chapter 402, Acts of 2011)

Biotechnology Investment Tax Credit-Qualified Maryland Biotechnology Company - House Bill 587 (Chapter 349, Acts of 2011)

Sustainable Communities Tax Credit Program-Eligibility - House Bill 601 (Chapter 133, Acts of 2011)

Earned Income Information Act - House Bill 632 Chapter 352, Acts of 2011)

Sustainable Communities Tax Credit Program - House Bill 1196 (Chapter 383, Acts of 2011)

Withholding Statements-Electronic Submission - House Bill 1233 (Chapter 161, Acts of 2011)


Sale of Electricity Generated by Solar Energy and Residential Wind Energy Equipment-Exemption - Senate Bill 398 (Chapter 461, Acts of 2011) and House Bill 502 (Chapter 462, Acts of 2011)

Nonprofit Food Vendors-Youth Sporting Events and 4-H Youth Events - House Bill 823 (Chapter 364, Acts of 2011)


Hot Air Balloons-Exemption - House Bill 499 (Chapter 125, Acts of 2011)


Personal Liability-Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships - Senate Bill 145 ( Chapter 31, Acts of 2011)


Payment Deferral for Qualified Agricultural Property-Extension of Deferral - Senate Bill 513 (Chapter 241,Acts of 2011)


Slot Machines for Nonprofit Organizations on the Eastern Shore Expansion and Oversight - House Bill 39 ( Chapter 315, Acts of 2011)

Alcoholic Beverages - Direct Wine Shipment - Senate Bill 248 and House Bill 1175 (Chapters 204 and 205, Acts of 2011)

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