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Frequently Asked Questions About Year End Magnetic Media Reconciliations

13 - What are the most common errors associated with magnetic media filing?

  • Omitting the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or using an invalid FEIN.
  • Using an incorrect format for the FEIN, which is nine positions, all numeric, and no hyphen.
  • Using a FEIN that does not correspond to the employer's Central Registration number.
  • Central Registration number not used or reported in the incorrect location.
  • Using the Unemployment number instead of the Central Registration number.
  • Using the FEIN instead of the Central Registration number.
  • No names listed in the RS record. Maryland does not read the RW, RO, or RU records. If these records are contained in file, they are overlooked.
  • Using any format other than EFW2 (2017 Social Security Administration Publication No. 42-007).
  • Failure to include the RA record results in the file not being properly read.
  • Failure to modify RS Record to include the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) positions 328-336.
  • Failure to modify the RS Record to include the Maryland Central Registration Number (CR) positions 338-345.
  • Failure to include the RV containing the MW508 information.
  • Blank media sent.
  • Maryland Central Registration Number not used or reported in the wrong location.
  • Using the State Unemployment Insurance number instead of the Maryland Central Registration Number.
  • Sending media for State Unemployment Insurance instead of W-2 media to Revenue Administration Division.
  • Not sending all media for the employer together.
  • Using the FEIN instead of the Maryland Central Registration Number.
  • Using the FEIN when the withholding account was opened with a Social Security number. (Account information needs to be updated)
  • Creating out-of-balance conditions between RS record totals and RV record totals.
  • Separating the state and local taxes. These amounts are to be combined and reported as state tax withheld.
  • Incorrect record length. Record lengths must be 512 for W-2's and 750 for 1099's.
  • Variable block sizes instead of fixed block.
  • Filers who engage a service bureau on their behalf should be careful not to report duplicate data, which may generate penalty or balance due notices.


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