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Maryland Motor Fuel Tax Bulletin

Publication 1-97
October 1997

To All Intrastate Motor Carriers

Effective January 1, 1998 you no longer will be required to register and obtain motor carrier decals if all your qualified motor vehicles travel solely within Maryland and are registered (tagged) with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Display of a motor carrier decal on such vehicles will no longer be required.

If, however, any of your qualified motor vehicles travel into any other state or the District of Columbia, you must either:

  • Display IFTA decals on those vehicles and file quarterly IFTA tax reports;
  • Have a valid fuel use tax trip permit issued by each jurisdiction or by a wire service for each respective jurisdiction in which you travel; or
  • In the case of the District of Columbia, comply with their motor carrier registration requirements as applicable.

Please be aware that operating without the required credentials when applicable may subject you to fines in the other jurisdictions or when re-entering Maryland from out of state. If you need IFTA decals, call 1-410-974-2215 or 1-888-784-0142 (toll free within Maryland) to obtain an IFTA application.

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