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Maryland Motor Fuel Tax

Administrative Release

Publication III-2002
October 2002

Important IFTA Renewal Notice

The Comptroller of Maryland's Motor Fuel Tax Bureau is pleased to announce new procedures for automatically renewing International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) licenses and issuing decals for the 2003 registration year.

During the last week of November 2002, we will check our files to identify licensees with no outstanding returns or unpaid assessments. If you qualify, we will automatically send your 2003 decals to you beginning the first week of December. We will send you the same number of decals for 2003 that were active at the end of November 2002. If you no longer operate vehicles for which 2002 decals were obtained, please contact our office to cancel those decals.

Additional decals may be requested after the renewals are processed.

You will not qualify for the automatic renewal if our files show an outstanding return or unpaid assessments as of the end of November. In that case, you will receive a renewal application in the mail as in previous years. If your account is in a cancelled or revoked status at that time, you will have to contact our office for information on restoring your account to active status, prior to applying for 2003 decals.

As soon as you get your decals for 2003, you may put them on your vehicle. After February 28, 2003, qualified vehicles must display current decals or the operator may be subject to a fine.

In addition, this year we will not be mailing copies of the IFTA Compliance Manual to renewing licensees. We will have an updated version of the manual online for review by chapter or as a printer-friendly (.pdf) version.

We will also have available upon request the manual in book form and on diskette.

This is your opportunity to make any adjustments to your license (address, phone number, contact person, pay your assessment, etc) prior to the end of November. We have tried to make this process as easy as possible for all concerned, and would appreciate any comments or questions. For more information, please contact the Motor Fuel Tax Bureau at (410)-260-7215 or by e-mail at

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