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Frequently Asked Questions About Purchases for Resale

8 - How can I protect myself from unnecessary tax liabilities?

You must clearly document the reason for all tax-exempt sales. Otherwise you will be held responsible for uncollected tax, plus penalty and interest. You should establish procedures to obtain valid resale certificates at the point of sale, and review your files periodically for accuracy and completeness.

Make certain that you do not allow resale exclusions on cash, check or credit card sales of less than $200 when you do not deliver the goods sold directly to the buyer's retail place of business.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Purchases for Resale FAQs
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  8 - How can I protect myself from unnecessary tax liabilities?
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  6 - May I accept resale certificates from unlicensed out-of-state customers?
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  7 - What about third-party drop shipments?
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