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Filing Extension for Military and Support Personnel Serving in a Combat Zone

Maryland allows the same six-month extension for filing and paying personal income taxes for military and support personnel serving in a designated combat zone or qualified hazardous duty area as allowed by IRS. The extension also applies to individuals who serve in the combat zone in support of U.S. armed forces.

The extension applies to the filing of current tax returns, back year returns, estimated tax returns, amended returns or appeals to a Maryland Tax Court.


If you are hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained in a combat zone, you qualify for the extension since hospitalization is considered as service in a combat zone.


Spouses also qualify for the extension whether joint or separate returns are filed. There are two exceptions concerning hospitalization and termination of the combat zone designation. See the IRS Web site at

Code 912

If you are affected by the extension, you should enter 912 in the code number box near the signature area on your Maryland return. For more information about the combat zone provision, visit the IRS Web site at

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