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Filing an Amended Return

If you need to make changes to your original Maryland return, you must file an amended return, using Form 502X.

Do not file an amended return until sufficient time has passed to allow the original return to be received and processed. For current year returns, please allow at least six weeks.

When filing an amended return, be sure to include a copy of your amended federal return. Mail your amended return and related documents to:

Comptroller of Maryland
Revenue Administration Division
Amended Return Unit
Annapolis, MD 21411-0001

We cannot accept returns delivered by fax. For information about approved delivery services, see Mailing Instructions


If you filed your original return online using iFile, you may use iFile again to amend the original online filing. If you filed electronically using any other method, you must use Form 502X to amend the filing.

Refund claimed with original Maryland return

If you expect a refund from your original return, do not file an amended return until you receive your refund. Do not return the refund to us.

If your amended return shows a smaller refund, submit your payment for the difference with the amended return. If your amended return shows a larger refund, you will be issued an additional refund check.


If you are a nonresident and amending your Maryland income tax returns, you should obtain a Form 505X and a nonresident tax booklet for the year you wish to amend so that you will have the proper instructions and rates. Exemptions, deductions and certain credits must be prorated using the Maryland income factor. Attach revised Forms 505 and 505NR to your amended return.

Changes to federal return

If the IRS makes any changes to your federal return, you must send a notification to the Maryland Revenue Administration Division within 90 days of the final determination of the changes by IRS.

If you file an amended federal return that changes your Maryland return, you must file an amended Maryland return.

For more information about amended returns, see Instruction 28 in the Maryland tax booklet.

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