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Recent Estate Tax Legislation

During the 2012 Legislative Session the Maryland General Assembly enacted the Family Farm Preservation Act of 2012, which adds a new subsection to Title 7 of the Tax-General Article allowing for the exclusion of up to $5,000,000 of the value of qualified agricultural property from the value of the gross estate for decedents dying after December 31, 2011. The new provision also provides that the Maryland estate tax may not exceed 5% of the value of specified agricultural property exceeding $5,000,000. Maryland qualified agricultural exclusion forms may be obtained by calling the Estate Tax Unit at (410) 260-7850.

Legislation enacted during the 2014 legislative session gradually conforms the Maryland estate tax exemption amount to the value of the unified credit under the federal estate tax, thereby increasing the amount that can be excluded for Maryland estate tax purposes. The increase in the amount that can be excluded for Maryland estate tax purposes is phased over five years and is equal to (1) $1.5 million for a decedent dying in calendar year 2015; (2) $2.0 million for a decedent dying in calendar year 2016; (3) $3.0 million for a decedent dying in calendar year 2017; (4) $4.0 million for a decedent dying in calendar year 2018; and (5) the amount excluded under the federal estate tax for a decedent dying on or after January 1, 2019. Check the Internal Revenue Service website for information on the federal estate tax exemption.

Most recently, the Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation during the 2015 legislative session that changed the option allowing Maryland estate tax returns to be filed with the Register of Wills or with the Comptroller. Beginning July 1, 2015, all Maryland estate tax returns must be filed directly with the Comptroller. Requests for certification of the amount of inheritance paid on behalf of a decedent will be made by the Comptroller only; such certification requests should no longer be made by the personal representative of the decedentís estate or any other person required to file a Maryland estate tax return with regard to property passing from the decedent.

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