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File a Tax Lien

A notice of tax lien may be filed with the clerk of the circuit court where your business or residence is located. The lien has the same force and effect as a court issued judgment lien. A lien may affect your ability to maintain existing credit, secure new credit, or obtain a security clearance. The recorded lien serves as notice that the state may have a claim against your assets.

If you pay your tax lien, a certified copy of your release of license must be submitted to the credit reporting agencies to have your credit report promptly updated to reflect your lien release. You may obtain a certified copy of your release from the circuit court where your tax lien was filed. The Comptroller does report lien releases to the credit agencies but if you need expedited service, it is your responsibility to obtain the required certified copy and contact the credit agency to update your credit report. 


Additional information about tax liens may be found at:


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