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Frequently Asked Questions about eFiling Maryland Taxes

6 - Am I eligible to use iFile?

You can use our free iFile service if you are filing Form 502 and most other Maryland tax forms.

You will need the following information and computer system setup to use iFile:

  • Completed federal return.
  • W-2, W-2G, 1099-R and 1099-G forms.
  • Netscape Navigator 4.00 or Microsoft Explorer 4.0 (or better)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (vsn 4.0 or greater) or Netscape Navigator (vsn 4.0 or greater) with JavaScript and cookies enabled. If you are using Mozilla and experience problems, try upgrading to the latest non-beta version.
  • Adobe Acrobat 4.0 (or greater)
  • Printer

You are not eligible to use iFile if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • You are filing Form 500CR.
  • You are filing federal Form 1042S.
  • You are filing Form 515 for nonresident local tax.
  • You are filing to amend a return that was previously filed on paper or another electronic source other than iFile.
  • You are filing to amend a nonresident Form 505.
  • You are filing more than the number of forms allowed to iFile. iFile is limited to: 50 W-2s, 30 W-2Gs, 10 502CRs, 10 1099Gs and 20 1099Rs.
  • You are filing Married Filing Separately or Head of Household and claiming your spouse as a dependent taxpayer based on special conditions on your federal return.
  • You are filing a joint Maryland return and spouses reside in different local taxing areas or different states on the last day of the tax year.*
  • You are filing a joint Maryland return and the spouses have different tax periods.
  • You are in the military, are a legal resident of another state, have military income and income from both Maryland and non-Maryland sources, and are filing a joint return with your civilian spouse who resided in Maryland for more than six months during the tax year and who had any income during the tax year.*

*If these situations apply to you then you may have other options available that would make it possible for you to use iFile. See iFile Form Choice Questionnaire.

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