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Frequently Asked Questions About Reporting Requirements

27 - How will the dividends received deduction be treated in this study?

This reporting requirement no longer exists for tax years beginning after December 31, 2010

There will be a special deductions entry to report the amount from line 29B from the federal form 1120.

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Corporate Reporting
Reporting Requirements FAQs
  q1 - Why must this information report be filed?
  q2 - Does this information reporting requirement change my tax liability or filing requirement?
  q3 - Who is required to file?
  q4 - If I do not receive a Tax Alert with a tracking number from the Comptroller, am I still required to file the information report?
  q5 - I am a Maryland single-entity company and have received a Tax Alert from the Comptroller regarding these requirements. Must I file this information report?
  q6 - I am a nonprofit Maryland company. Must I file this information report?
  q7 - My company has been dissolved/no longer exists. Do I still need to respond to the Tax Alert from the Comptroller or these reporting requirements?
  q8 - Why have homeowners' associations received the Tax Alert about this reporting requirement?
  q9 - Legislation talked about publicly traded corporations in relationship to the combined filing study. Are privately-held companies excluded from these requirements
  q10 - I own more than one corporation in the same combined group and more than one has received a Tax Alert from the Comptroller with a tracking number. Is there a way to show that all of them reported even though one is the primary reporting entity?
  q11 - What if my company is not part of a unitary group in the first year and then in a subsequent year of the study becomes a member of a unitary group?
  q12 - Will there be a way for taxpayers to check by name whether they are in compliance if they do not receive a Tax Alert from the Comptroller?
  q13 - Is there a penalty for not filing?
  q14 - How will the information reports be submitted?
  q15 - Is there a pro forma return that I must file and will I owe additional tax?
  q16 - Are there any companies developing software to facilitate this reporting requirement?
  q17 - Is electronic filing required or optional for the study?
  q18 - If I have not received a tracking number or the tracking number has been lost, can I comply with these reporting requirements using my federal employer identification number (FEIN)?
  q19 - When are the information reports due?
  q20 - Will the Comptroller extend the October 15, 2008 or any later due date?
  q21 - What entities are included in a water's edge report?
  q22 - How is unitary business defined?
  q23 - Will all entities be required to report sales, property and payroll apportionment information even if they currently apportion income on a different basis?
  q24 - Must sales that could be subject to proposed throwback/throwout rules in the future be reported?
  q25 - How are net operating losses (NOLs) treated in the unitary group?
  q26 - How are eliminations handled in the study?
  q27 - How will the dividends received deduction be treated in this study?
  q28 - How should information from short tax years be reported?
  q29 - If I have a significant number of entities within the unitary group, will there be an accommodation for each entity or must I summarize all the data on one entry?
  q30 - Will the study use apportionment information based on the Joyce or Finnigan approach?
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