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FAQ: Direct Debit

Where should I report name and address changes?

Please report any name or address changes to our Individual Income Tax Collection Unit by calling 410-974-2432. You may also email us at or write us at:

Comptroller of Maryland
Attention: Individual Income Tax Collection Unit
110 Carroll St.
Annapolis, MD 21411

Links for Direct Debit FAQs
General Information
Payment Methods
Direct Debit Program
Direct Debit FAQs
  1 - Can I pay the balance in a lump sum midway through the payment plan?
  2 - Will the State be authorized to debit my account for any other amounts or liabilities during the payment period I've agreed to?
  3 - What happens if I move my business or change its name?
  4 - What happens if there are not enough funds in my bank account?
  5 - Will I receive a notice prior to each debit payment?
  7 - What if I change banks?
  8 - What happens if my tax payment due date falls on a weekend or on a bank holiday?
  9 - Is there anything I have to do each month to make this work?
  10 - Where should I report name and address changes?
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