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Tobacco Tax Stamp Orders

The License and Registration Unit usually processes purchase orders for cigarette tax stamps within one business day after the orders are received by mail or express mail. We will also honor a cigarette wholesaler’s request for a delayed shipment of tax stamps when it is clearly indicated on the order.

Purchase orders should mailed to the following address:

Comptroller of Maryland
Revenue Administration Division
Licensing & Registration
P.O. Box 2999
Annapolis, MD 21404-2999

Inaccurate purchase orders and orders containing an unauthorized signature will be returned to you by mail for correction and resubmission. If you receive an incorrect order of tax stamps, or if it has been damaged in shipment, please contact Licensing & Registration immediately at 410-260-7382 from Central Maryland or toll-free 1-888-784-0142 from elsewhere in Maryland.

Walk-in orders

Walk-in orders for tobacco tax stamps can also be received at the following location:

Comptroller of Maryland
Revenue Administration Center
Licensing & Registration
110 Carroll Street
Annapolis, MD 21404-2999
See Directions to Annapolis


You should maintain cigarette tax stamp order signature cards with your records, with the names and signatures of those persons authorized to submit a tax stamp order. Submit a replacement signature card Form ATT-C5 whenever you experience personnel changes that affect the authorized signatures.

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