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Filing the Tire Recycling Fee

The tire recycling fee is due to be filed and paid on a semi-annual basis in January and July. Use the pre-printed vouchers that are issued after the account is registered to file and pay.

Semi-annual due dates are as follows:

 1st half of year  July 21
 2nd half of year  January 21

Tire recycling can also be filed on a monthly basis. A person who is responsible for paying the tire recycling fee on tires sold during the course of a month shall file with the Comptroller a report of those sales, accompanied by payment of the tire recycling fee, by the 21st day of the succeeding calendar month.

Due dates are also located on each payment voucher.

The voucher and payment should be mailed to:

Revenue Administration Division
Comptroller of Maryland
Remittance Processing Center
110 Carroll Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21411-0001


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