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2010 - Legislative Session

In 2010, the Maryland General Assembly passed and the Governor signed the following statewide and local bills related to motor-fuel and motor carrier regulation and enforcement, and state business licenses:  For more information, visit the Maryland General Assembly’s Web site.




Chapter 720 - House Bill 1032 – Motor Fuel Suppliers - Game of Chance


The general rule is that a supplier may not engage in game of chance at a retail service station, and that under the exception a supplier may participate in a game of chance only if it is sponsored by an entity other than the supplier. This bill amends the exception in Business Regulation Article, § 10-502 by allowing a supplier of motor fuel to sponsor, promote, advertise, or otherwise perform or participate in a game of chance if the retail service station dealer agrees to participate, but a supplier may not require a retail service station to participate in a game of chance. This Act is in effect for 3 years until September 30, 2013, and if no action is taken by the Maryland General Assembly, it will become null and void. EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2010




Chapter 114 – Senate Bill 1006 – Chapter 115 – House Bill 1025 – Baltimore City – Sale of Motor Fuel for Dirt Bikes – Prohibition


This bill requires a retail service station dealer in Baltimore City to post a sign stating the provisions of: (1) the Baltimore City Code that prohibit a service station or any other person from selling, transferring, or dispensing motor fuel for delivery into a dirt bike; and (2) the newly added § 21-1128 of the Transportation Article that prohibits a person from dispensing motor fuel into a dirt bike. The Comptroller is required in consultation with the Washington, Maryland, Delaware Service Station and Automotive Repair Association to adopt guidelines for the design of the sign. A civil penalty of $100 may be charged against the retail service station dealer for a second or subsequent offense.


A child’s motor vehicle license may be suspended for violation of this law. In addition, a criminal penalty of up to $1,000 may be imposed or imprisonment of up to 90 days or both. EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2010




No legislation passed related to the motor carrier tax, or IFTA (International Fuel Use Tax Agreement).




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