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2003 - Legislative Session

The following legislation relative to the motor fuel industry was introduced into the 2003 Maryland General Assembly:

SB 97 Motor Fuel Tax - Special Fuels - Tax Payment

PASSED: This bill updates the motor fuel tax law by specifying that the motor fuel tax does not apply to special fuel containing dye and used for purposes other than operating a licensed highway vehicle. Effective October 1, 2003 (Acts of 2003, Chapter 61)

SB 107 Refueling Service - Drivers with Disabilities

FAILED: This bill proposes to update the motor fuel and lubricants law by clarifying requirements for providing refueling service for disabled drivers, bringing the law into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA requires retail service stations and stores that sell motor fuel to provide equal access for their customers with disabilities. This bill also requires retail service station dealers to provide signage to advise a driver with disabilities on how to obtain assistance for fueling service.

SB 653 Motor Fuel Tax - Clean Burning Fuel - Tax Rate

FAILED: This bill alters the definition of gasoline to exclude clean-burning fuel, no more than 15% of which is gasoline and alters the motor fuel tax rate for E-85 and propane.

SB 758 Motor Fuel Tax - Rates

FAILED: This bill increases the motor fuel tax rate for specified motor fuels by 10 cents per gallon.

HB 753 Tax Administration and Compliance

GOVERNOR VETO: Among other things, this bill repeals the cost of collection allowance for licensed dealers and licensed special fuel sellers.

HB 910 Balancing Budget Act of 2003

FAILED: This bill, among other things, increases the motor fuel tax rate by 5 cents for specified motor fuels.

HB 928 Motor Fuel Tax - Clean-Burning Fuel - Tax rate (Same as SB 653)


HB 1020 Transportation - Tax Revenues

FAILED: Among other provisions, this bill imposes a sales and use tax on motor fuel; and it adds a sales tax to the motor carrier tax.

HB 1163 Motor Fuel Tax - Rate (Same as SB 758)


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