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What vehicles need to display IFTA decals?

Generally, a qualified vehicle would be a tractor, straight truck with more than two axles, or any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) or registered gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000 lbs. A complete description of a qualified vehicle is in the IFTA Compliance Manual.

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Business Tax Types
Motor Fuel Tax
Tax Information
  1 - What is IFTA?
  2 - What vehicles need to display IFTA decals?
  3 - Will I need IFTA registration and decals if I only travel in Maryland?
  4 - What if I suddenly need to go out of state and don't have an IFTA decal?
  5 - How much do the decals cost?
  6 - Can I get IFTA decals without a US DOT number?
  7 - Do I have to have my own US DOT number?
  8 - What is an IRP account number and will I need one before I can get my IFTA decals?
  9 - Will I have to file any reports for IFTA?
  10 - What if I don't travel out of Maryland for a whole quarter, do I still have to file a report?
  11 - What if I don't travel at all for an entire quarter, do I still have to file a report?
  12 - Will I need to keep any records?
  13 - Can I get additional decals?
  14 - What if I can't wait for them to come in the mail?
  15 - What name and federal identification number should I use on my IFTA license application?
  16 - If I change from an individual to a corporation, partnership or limited liability company, etc. with a new EIN, can I use the same decals?
  17 - How do I cancel my IFTA license if I don't need it any longer?
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