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FAQ: Refund Information

What information is required on the invoices for fuel purchased at a retail service station?

The following information must be reported on fuel invoices from service stations:

  • Actual date of purchase.
  • Name, address/location of seller.
  • Name of purchaser. (Purchaserís signature shall be accepted on electronically generated invoices.)
  • Number of gallons purchased.
  • Type of fuel and total cost of fuel.
  • Serial or sequential numbers. (Time-referenced electronically generated invoices shall be accepted as serialized.)

Prepaid invoices showing a dollar amount without the actual gallons dispensed will not be accepted as valid tax-paid invoices.

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Motor Fuel Tax Refunds FAQs
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  25 - What are the current fuel tax rates?
  26 - How long does it take to receive my refund?
  27 - Where do I mail my claim for a refund?
  28 - Is there a fine for making a false statement when applying for a refund?
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