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What if I don't travel out of Maryland for a whole quarter, do I still have to file a report?

Yes. You are responsible for reporting 100 percent of the operations of qualified vehicles. If all of your travel is in Maryland, and all of your fuel is purchased in Maryland, these figures must be reported.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1 - What is IFTA?
  2 - What vehicles need to display IFTA decals?
  3 - Will I need IFTA registration and decals if I only travel in Maryland?
  4 - What if I suddenly need to go out of state and don't have an IFTA decal?
  5 - How much do the decals cost?
  6 - Can I get IFTA decals without a US DOT number?
  7 - Do I have to have my own US DOT number?
  8 - What is an IRP account number and will I need one before I can get my IFTA decals?
  9 - Will I have to file any reports for IFTA?
  10 - What if I don't travel out of Maryland for a whole quarter, do I still have to file a report?
  11 - What if I don't travel at all for an entire quarter, do I still have to file a report?
  12 - Will I need to keep any records?
  13 - Can I get additional decals?
  14 - What if I can't wait for them to come in the mail?
  15 - What name and federal identification number should I use on my IFTA license application?
  16 - If I change from an individual to a corporation, partnership or limited liability company, etc. with a new EIN, can I use the same decals?
  17 - How do I cancel my IFTA license if I don't need it any longer?
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