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Commercial and Industrial Refund Class 33

The Class 33 Commercial and Industrial Refund covers tax-paid gasoline and special fuels purchased for off-road use. To qualify, all fuel must be used off-road.

The following types of entities would qualify for this type of refund:

  • Construction
  • Country clubs
  • County government agencies (off-road usage)
  • Electric companies
  • Engineering
  • Engine testing
  • Excavating
  • Explosive mixing
  • Forestry
  • Generators
  • Grain drying
  • Internal combustion engine at fixed location
  • Landfills
  • Lumber companies
  • Mining
  • Nurseries
  • Recycling
  • Sand and gravel companies
  • State government agencies
  • Vehicle assembly plants
  • Vehicles owned by a Maryland chapter of the American Red Cross or a bona fide unit of a national veterans organization

Refrigerated trucks

Refrigerated trucks may qualify for a refund only if the truck has a separate fuel tank used solely for the “pony” engine on the rear of the truck, with separate flow meters to accurately measure the gallons that would be fully refundable.

The claimant for the Class 33 Commercial and Industrial Refund must apply for the refund at least once a year. To claim the refund, the claimant must submit the following completed forms, along with the appropriate invoices:

Form Description
COM/RAD 028 Refund Questionnaire (Use for initial claim only).
COM/RAD 061 Record of Motor Fuel Used
706 Refund Claim Form (formerly GTD-106)
  Refund Document Checklist

Mail the completed and signed original forms and invoices to:

ANNAPOLIS MD 21411-0001

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