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FAQ: Refund Information

What do I do if my claim is disallowed?

You may appeal this ruling by applying for an informal hearing. Send us a letter of appeal and any additional information supporting your claim for refund.

Links for Motor Fuel Tax Refunds FAQs
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Motor Fuel Tax
Refund Information
Motor Fuel Tax Refunds FAQs
  1 - What are the time limits for filing for a refund?
  2 - What forms are needed to apply for a refund of motor fuel taxes paid?
  3 - Why is my signature necessary on the claim form?
  4 - What information is required on the bulk invoices for fuel purchased and put into my storage tanks?
  5 - What type of records do I need to keep for audit purposes for any vehicles that are fueled from my bulk storage tanks?
  6 - What information is required on the invoices for fuel purchased at a retail service station?
  7 - My retail invoices purchased with a credit card show only an account number, and not my name. Do I need to send any additional information?
  8 - My retail invoices for my fuel purchases only show a money amount and not gallons. Can I write the amount of gallons on the invoices?
  9 - What information is required on electronically generated documents to make them valid invoices?
  10 - Will you accept statements of purchases, instead of invoices, to support my claim?
  11 - Do I need to send original invoices?
  12 - Can I file for a refund before all the fuel that I purchased is used?
  13 - Do I need to add up invoices and worksheet before submitting my claim?
  14 - What information is required on the Record of Motor Fuel Used - COM-RAD 061?
  15 - What forms are required to be filed for a Power Take-Off Refund?
  16 - What are the types of Power Take-Off refunds and the percentages for refund?
  17 - I am a bonded licensed special fuel user submitting a claim for a Power Take-Off vehicle. What schedules do I need to submit?
  18 - Can I get a refund for fuel used in a vehicle licensed for highway use?
  19 - Can I get a refund on fuel that was not purchased in Maryland?
  20 - Am I eligible for a refund for fuel purchased and used in a pleasure craft?
  21 - Are all fire departments eligible for a refund of motor fuel taxes paid?
  22 - I have a new company name and/or federal ID. Do I need to submit any additional information with my claim?
  23 - Is fuel purchased and used in an internal combustion engine permanently installed at a fixed location eligible for a refund?
  24 - What do I do if my claim is disallowed?
  25 - What are the current fuel tax rates?
  26 - How long does it take to receive my refund?
  27 - Where do I mail my claim for a refund?
  28 - Is there a fine for making a false statement when applying for a refund?
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