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Licensing and Registration

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement among 48 states and ten Canadian provinces to simplify the reporting of fuel used by interstate/interjurisdictional motor carriers. Commercial trucks and buses traveling interstate must file reports and pay taxes based upon the amount of fuel used by the vehicles on the highways. Properly displayed, valid credentials issued by any jurisdiction will allow an IFTA licensee to travel in all IFTA jurisdictions.

The Comptroller of Maryland will attempt to automatically renew your IFTA license and issue decals.  

  • If you have delinquent IFTA returns or any Maryland State agency liabilities, you will not be eligible for automatic renewal.  These liabilities must first be resolved, and then an online or paper IFTA application must be submitted and approved before we will issue your IFTA license and decals.  
  • Other possible situations associated with your current IFTA license may cause your IFTA license to not automatically renew, including being licensed under a USDOT that is registered to another company, or if your current IFTA returns indicate that you do not travel outside of Maryland.  These situations will require you to submit an online or paper application for approval before we will issue your IFTA license and decals.
  • If you do not travel outside of the State of Maryland, you do not need to register for IFTA.

If you receive a renewal form in the mail, your account was not included in the automatic renewal and you are required to complete a renewal application to receive your IFTA license and decals.  The deadline for IFTA license renewals is December 31.   

The most efficient way to obtain your IFTA license and decals is to renew online.  Online renewal will be available as of December 1.  If you are currently registered to file online returns, you do not have to re-register to renew online.  If you choose not to take advantage of the online renewal option, you can renew by using the paper renewal form. When your renewal has been received and approved, we will send your IFTA license and decals to you through the mail.  It is your responsibility to renew your IFTA license and decals before they expire.

If you are aware of any problems that may prevent your renewal, we strongly suggest you resolve them now. If your IFTA license is not renewed and decals are not assigned to you by December 31, you cannot legally operate in any other jurisdiction without a valid trip permit.


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