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Filing Methods for Motor Fuel Tax

Motor Fuel accounts such as Aviation, Class-W, Dealer , Seller and User returns including all required worksheets and corresponding schedules, must be mailed with an original signature of an owner, partner or officer.

All returns, worksheets and schedules must be filled out completely with all information as indicated on the forms. The correct type of schedules and worksheets should be used for each type of active fuel account/license. These forms are found on our web site.

If there is no activity in any given month you still must file a zero return/ report for that month.

Returns, along with worksheets/schedules and payments due, must be postmarked or received by the due dates indicated on the front of the monthly-pre-printed returns that are mailed to the taxpayers. taxpayers are advised to only use the pre-printed returns as received.

Taxpayers who fall into the guidelines/requirements to pay EFT, may request this form of monthly payment.

At this time there is no way to electronically file a Motor Fuel return.

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